Sports & Remedial Massage


Sports & Remedial Massage

​Hello my name is Sonia, I am a Sports Massage therapist and I work alongside Kenny at KG Sports Solutions & Physiotherapy.

Sports and remedial massage is a specialist deep tissue manipulation with various forms of stretching techniques that aim to relieve aches and pains within muscle and soft tissue. The massage loosens up tight muscles, breaking up adhesions in muscle fibres and restoring and maintain the full functionality of your muscles. It aids tissue repair and deals with tightness, improving flexibility. It is an appropriate massage treatment for anyone who is in need of a remedial or soft tissue mobilisation and is not limited to athletes. The remedial effects of sports massage are beneficial post-surgery, alongside physiotherapy or as a health benefit.

Within a sporting context, people who participate in sport can use a sports massage as a regular part of their training programme, helping to prevent injuries and recover faster, also being effective as a performance enhancement.

Sports massage is a massage treatment appropriate to all. The treatment is direct and results are experienced quite quickly. It is a safe and non-invasive therapy. 

Cost £25 - 30 min session or £30 - 45 min session


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